Running Skirts Europe EU

Runningskirts Europe!  We are thrilled to have our European Distributor!

Now you can order Runningskirts products and have them shipped direct from within Europe.  Shop online now & check out the latest Runningskirt styles:

  • Running Skirt (with attached brief)
  • Athletic Skirt (with attached compression shorts)
  • Triathlon Skirt (with nothing under - wear over your favorite compression or swim suit)
  • Capri Skirt (with attached capris)
  • Matching Tops, Compession Sock and other accessories also available.

Shop Now in Europe!

As seen as these marathon and running events in Europe:

Berlin Vital Messe, Vattenfall half marathon - Berlin, Germany

Vienna Sportsworld, Vienna City Marathon - Vienna, Austria

Ulmer Stadtlauf - Germany

Laufnacht Ulm, Ultra-night Marathon 100k - Germany

Einstein Marathon - Ulm, Germany

37th Real Berlin Marathon - Berlin, Germany

München Marathon - Germany

Marathon des Alpes Maritimes Nices-Cannes - Nices, France