La Jolla Half Marathon and 5k

Sun, 04/26/2015 (All day)
5K Half Marathon
La Jolla Half Marathon
Runs through
Del Mar, La Jolla

A Running Blog About the La Jolla Half Marathon from Skirtusiast Michelle from a Skirt Perspective :)

Skirtfit: mums in bloom running skirt with azure dot strappy top and silver sparkle sweatyband

So I'm waiting in line for the shuttle in La Jolla to drive me to the start line in Del Mar and even though it was freezing by San Diego standards (maybe 50 degrees?) there was only one question on my mind "How am I gonna make it up that mountain?". Of course I'm taking about Torrey Pines mountain. The one that's plastered on every single photograph from the last 30 years that this race has been run. And you know what? I swear it grew. It actually looks bigger now than it did 30 years ago. Just my luck.

I've tried running up it before only to stop part way up when I could seriously feel my heart beat in my head. And this was when I started at the bottom, without the 5 mile "warm up" that the La Jolla Half Marathon provides. Needless to say, I was in trouble.

Alone in the shuttle line, conversation murmurs were drifting past me about pacing and who had the safety pins when this older gentleman, easily 50 years my elder, came up and smacked me on the back. Then, without introduction, proceeded to tell me how to take on Torrey Pines as if he had read my mind. "Keep your hips forward and your shoulders back. Everybody always leans into it like they're attacking it. Wrong. All wrong." We proceeded to talk about past races, our adventures with running, and the great stuff that's happened along the way because of this thing we do.

Well, I made it up that hill... the whole stinking way without stopping. All the while trying out my new friend's advice and making up my mind that I could do this. I watched the other runners as I ran, many defeated before they even started. Realizing that that was me, only two hours ago, scared and cold, psyching myself out at the start.

I'm so thankful for all the things running has done for me. But mostly for what it's taught me about people, especially myself.

So here it is, if you want to run a challenging course with "character building" hills, seaside views of the Pacific and an after party on the coast, sign up now for the La Jolla Half Marathon, it sells out quick.

P.S. I seriously think these skirts are making me faster! Another pr :).