Full Name

Catra Corbett aka Dirt Diva


Catra Corbett aka Dirt Diva

Ultramarathon runner, fastpacking, hiking, yoga, climbing, CrossFit, Kettlebells and plyometrics. I love moving my body and keeping fit.

Age: 48
Hometown: Fremont, CA

Running accomplishments:

I have run 89 100 mile runs, by the end of the year I will have hit 100 😉 PR’s:marathon 3:45, 50k 5:22, 50m 8:45, 100k 10:53, 100 miler 21:20, 125 miler 30:02.

  • I have run over 250 ultras/marathons
  • Record holder of the John Muir trail yo yo(out and back) 424 miles , 12 days 4 hours 57 min.
  • 2nd fastest female time John Muir trail 212 miles in 5 days 15 hours 50 minuntes
  • Team of first woman to run Tahoe rim trail 2000, 72 hours , 165 miles.

2013 Stats

  • 1st overall Razorback 100, 21:20
  • 1st Female San Bruno mountain 50m
  • 1st in age Fort Ord 50k
  • 2nd place female Fremont fat ass 50k
  • 2nd place female 4 ridges 50k
  • 3rd place age Hurt 100

Favorite distance:
100 miles because anything can happen, it’s a long way to run. I love running in the dark all night.

Favorite workout: when I’m pressed for time I like to do a short 6 mile run with a CrossFit Wod thrown in every mile.

Upcoming events:

  • April- Umstead 100
  • May- Miwok 100k, Ohlone 131 miler
  • June- San Diego 100, Western states 100
  • July- woman’s unsupported record Tahoe rim Trail 165 miles
  • Woman’s unsupported record John Muir trail 212 miles
  • August- Angeles crest 100, Run D’ Vous 100
  • September – Headlands 100, Tahoe Triple dare 216 miles
  • October- Rio del lago 100, Javelina 100
  • November- Run D’ Amore 135 miler
  • December- 49 hour b-day run

Running skirts are cute!
I have always worn skirts, I use to even make my own. To me it’s important to look cute while running 100 miles through the Wilderness and getting dirty. Mentally it makes me feel tough looking cute at the same time. Running skirts have the most amazing styles and collection of super cute comfy clothes. I love the assortment of colors and matching sports bras and arm sleeves. Not only is this a stylish product it’s comfortable. You don’t want to have things rubbing or chaffing in a hundred miler, you have enough going on inside your head than to have to worry about having a wardrobe malfunction. With RunningSkirts I don’t have to worry.