Full Name

Dr. Juli Goldstein


Name:            Dr. Juli Goldstein
Age:               33
Hometown:    Vero Beach, Florida

Running Accomplishments:

  • Marathon PR:  Derby Festival Marathon 4/26/08 3:39:22 : BQ
  • Half Marathon PR: Space Coast Half Marathon 2008: 1:42:09 (3rd place age group winner)
  • 2009 Florida’s Top 100 Fastest Runners
  • 2x  Disney Goofy Challenger
  • 2009 Boston Marathon
  • Marathon Maniac # 2315- Ran 3 marathons in 56 days to qualify
  • Completed 8 marathons and one 50 K in 2010
  • Official 4:30 Pacer for 2010 Las Vegas Marathon

Favorite distance:   26.2

Favorite Workout:   Hill repeats and Yasso 800s, I have a love/hate relationship with them both! Although in South Florida finding hills is a challenge. We call them “Bridge repeats” here.

Upcoming events:    Due to previous injury and inability to train properly, I was forced to pull out from the American River 50. Now that I am able to run again with minimal pain, training for the 50 mile distance will be my focus. 2012 I WILL be there. Upcoming marathons include Derby Festival Marathon, Flying Pig Marathon-this will be my first time attempting a double marathon weekend. Fall races include The Marine Corp Marathon and others are TBD.

What I love about running skirts:    Everything! Running Skirts products are my staple to train, run, workout, recover and even “run” errands in. The reverse seam makes them super comfy with NO chafing. There is a skirt to match every possible running shirt, and event. The variety of styles is perfect for all shapes, sizes, life stages and activities. You don’t have to be a runner to love and wear running skirts. The products are well made, comfortable, functional and fashionable, a combination rarely found in workout gear. Each spring, I can’t wait to see what styles and products are available.  Best of all the customer service can not be beat. The staff has a gift of making you feel like the most important person in the world and will make you look fabulous for all of your athletic events!

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My sponsors:

The Stryder Cancer Foundation, in honor of my late Golden Retriever, best friend and original running partner Stryder who died of a very aggressive cancer last summer.

We are also starting a Wag Strong Racing Team to raise funds to support both animals and their humans with the financial and emotional struggles of canine cancer diagnosis. One in 3 dogs will be diagnosed with cancer each year. We hope to help all those experiencing this to Wag Strong!