Full Name

Traci Falbo


Pacing Profile

Running Accomplishments:

  • Big Island Marathon International 1st overall female 3:14:54 3/20/11
  • B & A Trail Marathon 1st overall female 3:16:33 (after pacing the 3:50 group at Snickers Marathon the day before) 3/6/11
  • Lost Dutchman Marathon 1st overall female 2/20/11 3:07:22 (current PR)
  • Riverfront Race Festival Charleston Marathon 2nd overall female 3:09:01 1/15/11
  • Hangover 10 miler 1/1/11 3rd overall female 67:24
  • Baton Rouge Marathon 1st overall female 3:14:17 12/4/10
  • Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon 1st overall female 3:21:21 11/21/10
  • Tupelo Marathon 3rd overall female 3:21:12 9/5/10
  • Flatlanders Marathon 1st overall female & 2 course records (50K & marathon after running Grandfather Mountain Marathon the day before) 7/11/10
  • Texas Marathon 3rd overall female 3:27 1/1/10

Favorite distance: marathon at the moment :)

Favorite running foods:  apple cinnamon Carb-Boom gels & huckleberry Hammer gels, chocolate milk and hamburgers post race

Favorite Workout: any run with friends

Upcoming events: I have 24 marathons scheduled this year in various states, as well as some shorter events locally.

What I love about running skirts:  They are so incredibly comfortable…almost like running with nothing on :)  There’s no chaffing.  The pockets carry 4 gels for my marathons with no trouble at all, enabling me to run without a belt around my waist which can chaff or bother my stomach.

Background: I ran in High School and College, but wasn’t a great runner.  After I graduated, I got married, had kids, and got really heavy…I weighed 213 pounds.  I decided to get back into running to lose weight in 2003. I had a life goal of running a marathon some day.  I ran my first marathon in 2004.  At 39, I am now running better than ever and having a blast.   I don’t race all the marathons I run.  Some, I pace for marathonpacing.com.  Some, I run and take my camera (like Disney), and some I just run for a “long run with a medal :)”   I know I can’t race them all!

Goals:   Until 2010, my goal was to break 3:30, which I wasn’t sure that I could do.  Now, my goals are to run a marathon in all 50 states under 4 hours each, to run a sub-3:00 marathon, and complete a 100 miler.  I’d like to finish my 50 states before I turn 41.

Tips for others:  BELIEVE…say you can!  Once, it is in your head that you can accomplish your goal, you can break down the “walls” and DO IT!!