I've always got your back Galentine!

Wow! It's been a blog-minute!  A lifetime since our last post!  But....here goes...

Everybody has their special "Galentine".  You know the one...she's always shows up for those o-dark-thirty runs, agrees to wear matchy matchy race outfits, selflessly paces you through countless dreadful hours of the night in an ultra race or even sacrifices her last GU on long run day. 

I've been blessed to be born with mine and even more blessed to have the opportunity to have grown this business together.

To say it's been a crazy year for us would be an understatement.  Everyone has a lifetime of their own obstacles and challenges, but I feel like we got thrown a huge chunk of them all within the same year.  

For those of you who don't know, the father of Christy's children was tragically killed in a helicopter crash almost a year ago. You never ever ever expect anything like this to happen in your own world....until it does.  This instant dose of mortality suddenly makes you all too aware of the value of life.  Our world stopped in its tracks for several weeks as we navigated through this tragedy.  Christy and her family are doing well and I have the highest level of admiration and respect for, not only her emotional strength, but the unbelievable grace in which she emerged and now solo parents with each and every day. 

Many of you have noticed that we have scaled back our events, store hours and travel.  No, we are not going out of business.  We are making our family first.  Life is so precious and leaving your children behind as single moms as we jump on a plane to the next major marathon now holds a lot of anxiety and responsibility for us as you can imagine.

We have so much gratitude for all of our customers and friends for your support over the last 15 years and more so this last year.  We appreciate you! 

We have regrouped and moved into a new warehouse and are moving full speed ahead.  Christy was always the mastermind behind the design and I think she's ready to leap back into her creative role with new prints and styles coming soon. 

Be sure to hug, call or run with your favorite "Galentine" this week!  Remind her how important she is to you! 

I ❤️You Christy!   

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