Memories of Boston Marathon's Past

The 2020 Boston Marathon Road Race has been postponed, but we still have a decade worth's of amazing memories to relive this week. 

"It's time to keep enjoying the best day in running history."~Amby Burfoot (1968 Boston Marathon Winner).

For Running Skirts, Boston Marathon has always been a ultramarathon of week-long celebration and entertainment of everything running!  As a running apparel brand, The Boston Marathon Expo has always been on our expo event schedule.  We don't just fly in on Friday or Saturday for the marathon weekend....our fun begins early in the week as we fly in early to set up the expo. 

Here's our video blog from 2014:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 4

Race day recap!

Watch our 2014 Boston Marathon arrival video

Our booth in 2015 was right across from this amazing giant poster of Meb's win the previous year.   

 We usually arrive on Wednesday of marathon week and start setting up our booth at the expo venue.  One of the fun parts about marathon week are the great industry gatherings, parties and events that go on in the mornings and evenings pre and post-expo  We have so many amazing memories of meeting running legends and previous Boston Marathon winners. This, however, leads to very very long days! 

 Watch our Shakeout run and industry party video!


Cindy & Christy with Runner's World Editor David Willey


We rise early, get in our runs along the Charles River and then it's coffee, the hotel room shower relay and off to the expo.  Boston Marathon Expo hours are no joke either....we normally work the floor for 10-12 hour days and then head out for dinner and industry events and hopefully get a few hours of sweet dreams of Boston PRs before we do it all over again the next day.

We then get to do it all over and over again day after day leading up to Marathon Monday when we get to line up and make the amazing journey from Hopkington to Boston (on very tired heavy expo legs).

A start line photo with a few of Boston's finest!

A pre-expo quick selfie in front of the finish line!

Another fun event at the Runner's World HQ on Boylston

Cindy in the final stretch one of the cold rainy years!


We have so many amazing memories of Boston Marathon week!  We are sending lots of Run Love® to all the runners that didn't get to toe the start line this week!

Best of luck to you all in September!  



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