This is why we created "Running Skirts®"

Throwback photos from the 2011 "Wasatch Wobble" 80's themed 5k that took place during Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake City.   We raced with signs on our backs that said "this is why we created "Running Skirts" with an arrow pointing to the less than flattering backside of our frumpy shorts.  It was a great way to introduce the brand with a little humor.  (Imagine looking up form your trail scramble or a race to see this).

Some of RunningSkirts sales team dressed up in 80's gear and took on the fun 5k trail race.  Sales Rep Paige was sporting the always flattering black paisley maternity running skirt.

 RunningSkirts is flattering and functional fitness fashion.  We like to say they hug all the right curves and hide all the others.  Check out our style guide to see our 6 different lengths.  We have a skirt for everyone!

Cindy with the newest member of the RunningSkirts® family!  


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