Hydra C5 Watermelon

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Hydra C5 Mixed Berry

Meet our favorite solution for hydration & nutrition during extended performance! The easiest way to maximize and energize performance as well as replenish, rehydrate and recover. (Studies show that it increases exercise power and time to exhaustion by 20%)

Endurance Matrix:
C5 assists with enduring energy and optimal hydration for hours of excellent performance in any sport
Offers sustained release of five types of carbohydrats through 5 metobolic pathways:
C1 - Carbo-pro
C3-Cluster Dextrin
pluse 3 patended and proven novel ingredients Camosyn(4), SustamineTM and BetaPowerTM

Mix two scoops = 1 serving (55 grams) into 16 ounces of water and drink during activity to get 200 calories.
Availabe in lemon-lime and mixed berry.