Pregnancy Fitness

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Get a Comfy Maternity Fitness Skirt! Perfect cool comfort for pregnancy workouts! Running whilst pregnant, get a flattering fit for the whole 9 months. Benefits of Running During Pregnancy

We at strongly support pregnancy fitness. If all goes well, Cindy plans to keep running throughout the entire pregnancy. Follow my pregnancy fitness regimen while I go through the first trimester, second trimester and third trimester of pregnancy! Watch my belly bump grow from 12 weeks through 40 weeks!

Always consult your physician before starting a new fitness program, especially during pregnancy!

Benefits of Pregnancy Fitness:

There is a lot of recent research about the safety and benefits of running during pregnancy for both mom and baby, some of these include:

Healthier Moms

-regular exercise during pregnancy builds stamina and prepares & strengthens muscles and body for delivery
-running during pregnancy reduces fatigue, nausea and constipation
-maternity exercise has been proven to help prevent gestational diabetes
-maternity fitness contributes to shorter labor & less delivery complications
-fit mommies have fewer c-sections
-running moms also experience less lower back pain
-moms to be who exercise also have less swelling of extremities

Happier Moms
-regular exercise and/or running promotes well being and less postpartum depression
-pregnancy fitness regimens lead to quick recoveries & return to pre-pregnancy weight
-a fit mom has less anxiety & stress related to pregnancy -better sleep, less insomnia

Yummy Mummies
-running during pregnancy prevents excessive weight gain
-cardio exercise during pregnancy increases blood flow to skin = healthy glow
-pregnant running improves posture & appearance
-It’s just makes you look & feel better!
-A regular moderate running program leads to increased energy in first and second trimesters
-Maintaining fitness during pregnancy helps moms regain pre-pregnancy body quicker
-Running and other moderate impact exercise leads to less development of varicose veins

Happier Babies
-A regular pregnancy fitness regimen better prepares baby for transition from womb
-Pregnancy Running increases blood circulation & placental efficiency
-Running whilst pregnant also increases newborn baby’s capacity to self calm & self quiet

Healthier Babies
-Regular exercise decreases baby fat without decreasing normal growth
-Cardio fitness leads to increased blood flow from placenta which supplies nutrition & oxygen to the fetus

Smarter Babies

-Mommies who run have increased fetal movements, which studies have shown leads to quicker development of oral language skills

Most experts recommend continuing any fitness activities and moderate exercise you participated in prior to becoming pregnant, but scaling back the intensity and duration of your workouts. Of course, you should avoid any activities that present elevated risk of falling or injury such as ice skating, roller blading, downhill skiing, snowboarding, downhill cycling, water skiing, etc. Be sure to stay cool & adequately hydrated, especially during warm days and summer months.

Again, be sure to discuss your fitness & running plans with your physician and midwife to be sure they are safe for your pregnancy. Always stop running and call your doctor if you experience abdominal pain, uterine contractions, back pain, shortness of breath, rapid heart rate, bleeding, etc.

Join the fit running mommy club and be a yummy (and comfy) mummy in a Running Skirt

These skirts are excellent for maternity fitness wear. Our light weight stretchy performance fabrics grow with your belly, but don’t stretch out or lose their shape. Our “Running Skirt” style offers a low rise wide waistband that sits comfortably below your belly bump.

Our “Athletic Skirt” style has attached compression-type shorts underneath. It is cut a bit roomier than our running skirt style and is about 2 inches longer in length. The wide waistband can be worn higher on your natural waist to support your belly bump or folded down to sit on your hips right below your baby belly. This running skort is perfect for any pregnancy workout. The attached compression shorts provide extra support and coverage and are perfect for walking, jogging, cycling, cross training, yoga, aerobics, golf, or simply running those day to day errands in cool comfort and style.


Arma @18 weeks pregnant and Cindy @ 22 weeks pregnant
Toronto Jazz 10k (Arma @ 22 weeks pregnant, Cindy @ 26 weeks pregnant)
Susan B Anthony 5k Sacramento @ 28 weeks pregnant on the right
Americas Finest City (AFC) Half Marathon – ran last 2 miles with Christy @ 29 weeks pregnant (left)
Quebec City Marathon 10k @ 30 weeks pregnant (right)
Toronto Waterfront Marathon 5k @ 31 weeks (left) Toronto International Marathon – Cindy@ 37 weeks (baby is now full term) Arma @ 33 weeks pregnant (right)
“Here I was about to go for a 3 mile run in my runningskirt 3 days past my due date (Dec. 5th). Yuyks! I can’t believe I was that big!!! It’s like strapping a 30 lbs weight around my belly…… (left photo)
and here I am on New years day, with my little pumpkin after 3 weeks of delivery about to go for my run again. Running through my pregnancy was wonderful. I ran 5-6 days a week at a moderate pace and it helped to keep me sane and healthy. It also helped me to recover faster from labour. I recommend it to anyone. Thank you runningskirts for keeping me motivated to do this. I love my skirts!” – Arma, Toronto (right photo)
Mommy’s first race!Carlsbad Half Marathon, January 20 2008