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Running Skirt Reviews

Hear what our running friends have to say about our running skirts, athletic skirts and skorts! We like to call it “skirt praise”. Read customer comments and running skirt reviews about our products & running skirt customer service:
So obviously I think your athletic skirts are great (I have 5 of them), but yesterday I wore one of your performance tanks for my 8 mile run and it is amazing! I ordered the princess tank (due to running the Disney Princess Half last March). I wore the pink tank yesterday and it is just about the most comfortable thing I have ever worn let alone run in! I’ll definitely be ordering more! Keep up the good work!


Dear Cindy
Just wanted to drop you a quick note and tell you that I got the skirt and I think that it is great. I was away on Friday so I just got a look at it and tried it on today.
Now I am thinking about getting another one. Just not sure what colour.


Hi Cindy and Christy,
I bought and wore your camo running skirt and pink top at the Marine Corps Marathon today and LOVED it! I was a little worried about the “Don’t try anything new on race day” rule, but I decided to buck the system and wore it anyway….because it is so cute and comfy! I felt so great the whole race! I don’t know which one of you was at the exhibit (maybe both?) and then I waved at one of you at about mile 17 and we waved to each other. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for making great gear! I definitely plan to purchase more.
Thanks again! You rock!Jody


I was with the group from Salt Lake City who bought camo skirts at the MCM expo and subsequently wore them during the marathon last Sunday. Just wanted to say LOVED the new skirt and arm warmers. So comfortable!!!! I loved seeing your group on course too and hope you got some fun pictures of me and all the others as we happily ran by in our new skirts!


This Sunday I completed my first marathon, the Marine Corps my hometown marathon. Running has changed my life this year by getting me off the couch and achieve a level of physical fitness I never imagined of myself! At the expo I thought I was going to pass out because my nerves were at an all time high the day before the race. I did pass your booth and noticed your skirts which are similar to the one I ran in the day of the race. That skirt failed me a bit since I have a few areas of chafing from it:- ( A friend jumped in with me at mile 18 and saw me through till the end of the race. At mile 25 around the pentagon, we spotted a MAN wearing your new camouflage skirt! My friend said to me, “LOOK at that guy with the camo running skirt! I want one!” I had absolutely no energy to respond at that time but was laughing like crazy on the inside. I’d really like to buy she and I that skirt to say thanks for getting me through that last 8 miles. I LOVE running in skirts! Since seeing that guy running in one of them helped me through the most difficult part of that race. Katy
I love your skirts. I own two and wear them exclusively over the last few month for races and most workouts after have trying many other styles and shorts. Now with the cold weather appraoching I would love to have capri. I do own a skirt capri from another company that I wore last year. The quality of your skirts is superior and I would love a running skirt capri made by you. I noticed that you do have one in cameo. Do you have any other colors?
Thanks! Deirdre


To the wonderful women (and men!) of
An e-mail went through my running club, the Raritan Valley Road Runners (Central New Jersey). I’d never tried a skirt but I’d seen them around (including on the female winner of the Western States 100 in 2007) and gave it a shot. Although I managed to foul up the coupon code, the discount was credited to me AND I received a pair of gloves with a hand-written post-it reading “Glove love.” Without even trying the skirt on, I was already singing your praises.

After wearing the skirt just once, I became HOOKED. After 10 years of running in shorts and always being a bit of a tomboy, I am now proud to get on the starting line with my running skirt and leave my competition wondering how a woman in a skirt just kicked their butts.
This past weekend (June 20-21) I was part of the Green Mountain Relay, a 200 mile race through Vermont, and I wore my running skirts- there was nothing I could have imagined being more comfortable for 2 days and one night of running. I’ve attached a few pictures: two of me during my first leg of the relay wearing the black running skirt, and one of me just about to start my second leg in my aqua skirt.

I hope this e-mail finds you well, and thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! :)
-Lianne Price

New Brunswick, NJ
Raritan Valley Road Runners


Thank you!!! I’ve been meaning to send this for a while, but between 3 kids under age 5, and marathon training, time is hard to come by! I want to say thank you for all of the advice and information you gave me. I tried the running skirt with the spankies (I had only tried another brand w/compression shorts before) and I *love* the spankies! I’ll never look back! I also love the wide elastic band, doesn’t rub or dig in, even after 15+ miles. The 2 pockets is perfect for me; I use one for my mp3 player, the other for my gel.
Thanks again, I’m a fan for life! I’ll email pics as soon as I can get my hubby to take some. I’m guessing this weekend after my 1/2 marathon.


So obviously I think your athletic skirts are great (I have 5 of them), but yesterday I wore one of your performance tanks for my 8 mile run and it is amazing! I ordered the princess tank (due to running the Disney Princess Half last March) and also received a free pink tank as part of the birthday promotion. I wore the pink tank yesterday and it is just about the most comfortable thing I have ever worn let alone run in! I’ll definitely be ordering more! Keep up the good work!


Just wanted to drop you a quick note and tell you that I got the skirt and I think that it is great. I was away on Friday so I just got a look at it and tried it on today.
Now I am thinking about getting another one. Just not sure what colour.


I bought my first running skirt last fall at the Toronto Marathon. It’s the athletic skort style — perfect for me, because I like the extra coverage, and the compression short protects my legs from chafing. I had previously purchased a similar style from a manufacturer who specializes in plus-size athletic wear, but their fabric is a lot bulkier/heavier, and their style is not nearly as flattering. As a plus-size runner (yes, we do exist, despite what so many manufacturers seem to think!), it’s a rare treat for me to find technical clothes in my size — even better when it’s attractive and comfortable!
I wore your skort a couple of times last fall, but the weather soon turned cold, and I switched to pants. Now that it’s warm again, I’ve been wearing it several times a week, even hand-washing it between laundry days so I can wear it more often than I launder — it’s just so much fun to wear. I finally broke down and ordered 2 more from you.
Thanks for making these fantastic running garments and please keep up the good work!


I bought my very first running skirt at the Disney Princess event and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. Sadly, I bought an imposter at a (popular discount store) store and HATE, HATE, HATE it. I’m a bigger girl (your size 4) and I just love the way it fits and feels. I’ve been spoiled by your products and will be ordering more online. Thanks for a great product and best wishes for continued success!


Hi Cindy & Christy –
Just wanted to let you know that myself and 8 friends ran in the Breast Cancer Marathon in Jacksonville FL this past weekend, and three of us wore your skirts! I wore my haute pink camo and got a TON of compliments on it from other runners mid stride and from spectators, and of course, I love it! Thanks for making the skirts and for making them be so super fun to wear!


Dear Christy,
I am SO impressed with your customer service. I belong to a running club here in Japan–51 people from our club are running Tokyo this year. One of my colleagues from the club told me about your website. I will be sure to mention at our next meeting how great your service is and hopefully we can get more skirts out there! I’ll send some pictures of us running in your gear!
Thank you very much :-)


Just wanted to let you know that myself and 8 friends ran in the Breast Cancer Marathon in Jacksonville FL this past weekend, and three of us wore your skirts! I wore my haute pink camo and got a TON of compliments on it from other runners mid stride and from spectators, and of course, I love it! Thanks for making the skrits and for making them be so super fun to wear!
My girlfriend and I picked up a couple runningskirts from the Honolulu Marathon Expo and decided to run it them. They always say you shouldn’t try to wear anything new for a marathon. Well, these skirts were so comfortable. It was raining pretty hard so we were worried about chafing, but we experience none of it. Also, because the skirt are so light weight, the raining didn’t weigh the skirt down. Just wanted to say that you have made us a believe.
Weslie (Hawaii) and Kym (California)
I’ve bought several other running skirts; I loved them, but they fit “good”, not “great”. I was the Team Captain for a Female Masters Open division running team that ran the Army 10-Miler this year. We saw the “Girlz from the Hood” team in their running skirts and loved the way they looked. I searched the web and found your website. I tried your skirt and absolutely loved it! It fits awesome, looks great and is really comfortable. I think we’ll be wearing them in the race next year when we defend our 1st place title!! Thank you so much for developing such a great product!


Hi Cindy and Christy –
Meg and I would like to say thanks for the skirts! We purchased these on a whim at the expo before the Silver Strand Half Marathon…thinking they were cute and that it would be fun to match. I’ve worn skirts before but never one with just a brief underneath. I was nervous about making one of the top mistakes before a race…wearing new, untested gear – but it turns out it was good decision. The running skirt is super comfortable – it didn’t ride up at all or irritate at the waistband and I never felt like it was too skimpy. We loved them and I will definitely be back to your website to purchase other items! This was Meg’s first half and we felt confident and looked great all the way to the finish line!
I would also like to applaud you on the website and very apparent spirit of the company…it sends a great message of truly supporting and encouraging real female athletes in all stages of life. I love that you’ve posted so many pictures of your customers!
Thanks again!



I just wanted to send you guys a quick email to let you know what a great company you have. I received my skirt Friday (as pormised) and was able to wear it for my final long run before my marathon. The skirt was wonderful – very comfortable. I run with a group and everyone wanted to know where I got it. They thought it was adorable! Keep up the good work!


Just wanted to let you know that your skirts are by far my favorite running skirts I’ve tried. And I even ended up on the news in one of them! I went running with my running club during the last tropical storm that blew through North Carolina, and a news crew stopped a couple of us for an interview. I was afraid the skirt wasn’t the best choice for the weather, but it stayed comfortable and didn’t go up with the wind at all! I will try to get a copy of the news video (in case you care, lol) and send it your way. Thanks for making such great skirts!


Dear RunningSkirts
I received my order yesterday and I was thrilled. Postage was really quick to Australia and arrived with heaps of time before the half. Thanks! I was losing the motivation to run and this has made me alot more excited. The skirts feel great and so comfy! I will send a picture from the Melbourne Marathon next week


Hi Cindy & Christy!
Thank you so much again for the free skirt prize. I’m not sure which of the two of you helped me at the expo, but I ended up taking home the camopink skirt. So cute! Now I have 10 of your skirts and LOVE them.
Thanks also, to Christy for taking a photo with me after the race (I was the one in the Goofy hat/ears headband). Congrats on your speedy race!! I saw tons of runningskirts out on the course. Too many minnies to count.
I’ll be sure to forward a photo for your skirts in action page as I stopped to take a photo with every character out on the course.


Christy & Cindy,
I’m so happy you enjoyed my book. I wish you guys great success with your running skirts you have a great product.
I’m sure I will see you guys at an expo soon.
All the best,
Bart Yasso
Runner’s World CRO Chief Running Officer

Love the skirt, it’s definitely longer and it will be, without doubt, my favorite running item of all time (who doesn’t love the versatility of a black skirt?) And thanks for the tank, very cute. All the best to you and may your business continue to grow in leaps and bounds. Just so you know, I went to try on other skirts and nothing compared to yours. So glad I’m in back Running Skirts Love mode from here on in.
All the best!


Christy and Team,
You have every right to proclaim your greatness! Thank you for the quick return service on my skirt, and for adding the additional skirt to the same package. The skirts arrived safely this afternoon and I am thrilled to be running in a skirt again. Keep up the good work!
Happy running,


I just received my order and I can’t wait to run in it. I tried both the top and skirt and they fit perfectly…so thank you for being true to size.
I am already looking to buy more =)


I wrote earlier about the two week wait for my back order, and as much as I would prefer to have it sooner…it is totally worth the wait.
You girls have come up with an awesome product and I will be so proud to wear your top and skirt in my very first marathon next month.
Most sincerely,


Hi Cindy!
I got my skirt yesterday, and tried it out today. It’s WAY better than my other one. I just love it. I bragged about it my whole run to my running partner, now she’s convinced and wants to buy one too! We are running an ultra marathon in October together and decided that we will wear your skirts proudly. Thanks so much for making a really great product! :)
I’ll be back for another one soon!


I am SO excited that I just discovered your web site and I’ve ordered 2 running skirts (also excited you had “on sale” some that I could try!). I was actually looking for a running “shorts” option that would be more like a swim bottom simply because I struggle with a chafe burn and have taken to putting slick ointment on my inner thighs AND rolling my inner running shorts into the crotch of the panty so there is no material to rub me! Ingenious Product! Thanks so much for developing it and I can’t WAIT to get mine!
Sincerely – Patty


Hi Cindy,
I recv’d the skirt just in time!! The race went well … it was in Sault St. Marie (kind of a small tri). It was a blast and the skirt was fabulous! I will def. be purchasing more in the future for friends !!


I happened to find you guys on line while looking for a running skirt. I bought one last year from the Running Room, and MPG brand…something like that. I love it, however….this skirt has the shorts under it, and I find them to be sometimes annoying. I’m so excited to try out your skirts with the undies. I have a friend who has one, and she LOVES it. Always raves about it, so I had to try one. When I get it I’ll write you and tell you how much I love it!
You girls are very inspiring!! :)
Take care


I did receive my skirt in time for my race, thank you so much! I will be running another half in Nashville, TN at the end of April and will be sporting one of your skirts then as well! I love your product and have recommended it to several of my friends! Thanks again.
Good Morning
Excellent that you will be in Ottawa – I will bring my girlfriend around the booth as I have been telling her about these skirts. I talked with some people in Arizona in January at the Rock N Roll Race who had your skirts on so I am really excited to get my parcel.
Thanks for the great help and I will see you in Ottawa.
Have a great few months!


I just got my first athlethic skirt and I just love it, I have worn the other brands in the past and I am always pulling the shorts down, I have not had to do that at all with my runningskirt one, plus my skirt does not “ride up” like with the other brands.
Thank you so much for making this type of skirt now and making it a bit longer and a bit fuller!


Hi! The new additions and updates to the website look great! Congratulations!
I thought I’d share something with you all. As background, I’m not a natural runner; I’m feel more like I plod along rather than run. I’ve completed a marathon and a couple of half marathons and am currently training for another one, but I don’t have a lean typical runner’s build though I’m muscular and athletic. I don’t yet crave to get out on the road, though I’m recovering some of that interest and joy. However, I’ve been much more motivated to get out and get running because of your cute skirts. Some folks probably wouldn’t understand that (my husband is one of them, though he loves how I look in them!), but it makes me feel more willing to get out and train and willing to go longer than I’d really probably like to go because I feel so cute. I also have running skirts of a different brand and, though your skirts are a little pricier, I’d rather purchase from you because of several reasons. I like that the fabric seems a little more durable and that the compression shorts underneath are made of the same fabric and aren’t see-through. I really appreciate the location of the placement of the pockets as well as the more secure closure of them. I don’t worry about my iPod falling out or getting sweaty or moist from being too close to my body. I enjoy being able to feel more free as I run since I don’t have to carry anything. Thanks for creating a piece of clothing that really can transform a training run from drudgery to something that I actually enjoy and feel super cute while doing it!
Thanks Again!


Thank you for your great products. I have been wearing my 3 skirts weekly for almost 2 years now I think and they all look brand new!


I got my skirts today. I wanted to tell you I really appreciate the outstanding customer service!
Thanks again!


Thanks SO much for adding new color options for the athletic skort! I look forward to buying one soon.
Best wishes,

PS: I wore my navy blue athletic skort on a 35-mile bike tour (Chicago’s Boulevard Lakefront Tour) in September and was comfy the whole ride! LOVE your skorts…for running and cycling! people,
I just have to tell you how wonderful you are! Your customer service is top notch, and I’m completely addicted to your skirts and strappy tops. I’ve been recommending them to anyone that will listen. I’ll be sporting the black athletic skirt and matching top in the Twin Cities Marathon this weekend. If I get any good pictures, I’ll be sure to send one in.
It’s an absolute pleasure to do business with a company like yours.
Thanks again!


Thank you soooo much. You all are so helpful & great to work with. I’ve recommended the skirts to everyone (the ladies anyway) in my office! :)


Thanks for your great service. we look forward to recieving our order!
If you have any questions please feel free to contact me through email or phone.


I recently bought 2 of your running (strappy) tops at the Disneyland Expo this past weekend. I wanted to tell you that I LOVE them! I wore
my red top during the race and found it to be super cute and comfortable. I ran with a group of 10 friends and everyone wanted to know
where I got it! We are “marathon moms” that travel all over the country to race so comfort is of the utmost importance!! I just wanted to
let you know GREAT JOB. I just bought 2 more and can’t wait until they arrive!!
New Customer,
I’m not sure who I address this e-mail to, but I wanted to tell everyone at RunningSkirts how awesome they are!

Oh my goodness! I raced in my skirt for the first time today, the 10 mile CRIM, and it was amazing. I ran with my husband and told him several times throughout the race how comfortable it was. I love it!

I was introduced to Runningskirts after complimenting my friend on how cute her skirt was (she ran the Detroit Marathon). Soon afterward, i ordered one, and now I know that running in style can be so comfortable.

During the race today, i was surprised to see quite a few running skirts.
Actually, when i was done with the race I was stopped by several women who loved my outfit. One even had a running skort on, and I was able to tell them about
Thank you for a great product!


I also wanted to thank you for the awesomeness of your website. I love the links, the music, and the pictures of you and your sister rocking it out there in the running world. It is great. Thanks so much for providing not just cuteness, but inspiration. It is such a gap that you guys have filled; thank you so, so much.


THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I got my pink skirt and I want to order another one…I’ll do it tomorrow!!!
Woo, hoooooooo!!!!!!!!


Hey ladies,
After my running friends saw my pictures from my wedding at the Las Vegas Marathon they wanted to run a race in SKIRTS!!!
So we already got our skirts from you and we will be sporting our skirts on the team “4 Gnawty Skirts and a Kilt” at the Gnaw Bone 100K trail relay on May 10th. I will send you guys pictures of the crazy race.


hello! i recently ordered 2 runningskirts from your site and i have to say, i will NEVER run in anything else again. especially with the heat and humidity here in tx, your skirts are AMAZING. thank you!!!!


Thanks so much for your response. I remember meeting you back in August for San Diego’s half. You were so helpful! If you don’t mind me asking, how did you cope with morning sickness and running? The past two or three weeks my running has suffered because of the fact that I’m nauseous and sick. Also, were you able to run throughout your pregnancy? Thanks again for your help….its so frustrating because I haven’t see many pregnant runners, actually none, and furthermore, I am hearing conflicting advice. I will continue running because I believe it is the best thing for myself and the baby. Thanks again!


Happy New year!!!
I love our web site and it reminds me what a cool community women runner’s are!!!! I look forward to putting on my skirt after the winter.
Have a great year
Yourloyal customer,
Wow! Awesome customer service. Thank you so much!


Cindy and Christy,
I purchased two skirts from whoever was at the Quebec Expo (did you have your baby?) LOVE THEM.
I have had other women ask me about my skirt. Refer them to your web site. Hope your buisness continues to thrive.
Thanks bunches,
Carol (a racewalker for TNT)


Just wanted to let you know that I received my skirts only 2 days after ordering online – wow! Thank you – I was very pleased to get them so quickly and I love them.


I had been meaning to send this for a while and I am so sorry I am just doing it now. I had entered the contest for mother’s day and we recieved are skirts a few weeks ago. I just wanted to let you know we love them and really appreciate it! You all picked out a great one for us!
Thanks again!